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7 Simple Ways to Make a Wood Floor Look New

Hardwood floors provide your home with radiating beauty complementing your interior decor and providing exquisite quality flooring for your house. Having this distinct type of floor comes with necessities such as good maintenance and cleaning services. Consequently, your hardwood floor will be a reflection on the care you accord it.

New Looking Wood Floors

Simple Steps

Here are the 7 ways to make your wood floor look new:

  1. Ensure that your wood floor has finish applied on its surface to prevent wood decomposition. This can be done by applying oil, for instance tung or wax on the floor, an example is carnauba brand. Polyurethane may be used to seal pores on your wood floor and prevent retention of moisture by your floor (Jones, 2007).
  2. Make use of floor protective gear such as rugs. These will ensure that your wood floor is protected from surface abrasion attributed to furniture movements, children toys and adult walks. Alternatively, you may use runners only in areas of the wood floor that is subjected to regular human movement.
  3. Dust your wood floor regularly. This process can be taken to the next level by having the best vacuum for wood floors whilst washing in order to enhance removal of all water and fluid substances from the surface. This will ensure that the regular particles of dust and dirt do not form layers on top of your wood floor thus, maintaining its cleanliness.
  4. Stain removal on wood floor should be done through consulting services from professional cleaners. Similarly, you may decide to do it yourself by reading widely literary work about wood surface cleaning. This has the effect of ensuring you apply correct procedures and utilize recommended methods that will not harm your floor surfaces.
  5. During different climatic seasons such as winter, wood floors experience too much moisture on its surfaces. Additionally, your floor may undergo shrinking attributed to cold temperatures during this period. Utilize a humidifier which will have the effect of preventing the planks of wood that were used in making your wood floor from shrinking (Green, 2010). .
  6. Apply a new coat to the surface of your wood floor after long periods. This is because; recoating your wood floor with finish on its surface will replenish the old coat that has been in place. Moreover, the new surface will tend to have a shiny appearance when you carry out regular waxing.
  7. Damaged floor parts of your floor should be done professionally by skilled experts. Further, the repair should be one that uses carefully selected materials understood in detail by your skilled craftsman (Army, 1977). This will ensure an imperceptible match of old floor and newly repaired area.

Importantly, your wood floor should be one that is made from high quality material such as oak, maple, birch and pine. Alternatively, treated wood may be used but should have a barrier between it and the ground to ensure moisture is not absorbed from the bottom. This will maintain the luster of your wooden floor enabling it to maintain its quality by avoiding rotting.

In conclusion, regular cleaning through dusting and dry cleaning ensures your wood floor is clean. Additionally, special care should be applied through professional maintenance of damaged areas of your floor. Thus, the wood floor in your home will always look new.

Best Vacuum Cleaners For Hardwood Floors

Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

My experience from cleaning the hardwood floors of my house is that-if you do not pay special attention to avoiding the scratches then inevitably you will end up damaging your wooden floor. When I was searching for the perfect vacuum cleaner for my floors, I realized that the ordinary cleaners are not at all suited for the job because they are usually very heavy and the brushes have abrasive ends.

Regular cleaning and taking care of the timeless hardwood floor is a back-breaking job and so I suggest looking at some of the best lightweight vacuum cleaners for easier maneuverability. There are a large number of vacuum cleaners available in the market, so when you go to buy one, firstly, make sure that the vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for the hardwood floors.

Also you must determine beforehand the kind of cleaner that you need for your floors- do you want one that sprays water or a simple cleaner, do you need a vacuum cleaner with bag or without it, or you simply want an upright cleaner or canister one. If you make up your mind on these things already, then you have a clearer picture of what to buy.

My List of Best Vacuum Cleaners

In order to help you make a choice I have listed some vacuum cleaners suitable for hardwood floors. Two of these I use at home and the rest of the cleaners have been recommended by my friends who have hardwood floors and who use these cleaners.

  • Hoover LINX stick vacuum cleaner.
  • Bissell Bare Cleaner.
  • Electrolux green canister ultra silencer vacuum cleaner.
  • Sanitaire bag less HEPA cleaner.

Reasons For Recommendation

I use the Hoover LINX vacuum cleaner at home and I think it is the best vacuum cleaner. It is very conveniently cordless and it gets fully charged within 3 hours. Also there is energy star rating and the li-ion battery has a fade free power benefit so that ultimately I can also save my electricity costs as well. As this vacuum cleaner does not have any cord or a bag, the weight reduces dramatically (it only weighs 7 pounds). It’s a recommended vacuum for hardwood floors, but it can also clean other types of floor surfaces too.

I also use the BISSELL bare vacuum cleaner sometimes to clean the tight spaces and the corners of my house as the V shaped swiveling apparatus allows better navigation. This cleaner is also bag less and very easy to maneuver.

The Electrolux vacuum cleaner has a high efficiency motor that quickly sucks dirt and is very low noise cleaner. You can adjust the suction power for your hardwood floor and the carpet nozzle provided with this will ensure you have a great experience cleaning your wood floor.

The Sanitaire vacuum cleaner is again a multipurpose hardwood vacuum cleaner that has a powerful yet quiet motor and it has a very durable design. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with HEPA filtration system that sucks the allergens from the floor.

Which Model is Right For You?

I recommend that it is only clever if you keep your comfort in mind before you buy a vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor.

  1. As I have already mentioned above that I use the Hoover cordless cleaner and I think it is great as being cordless, it reduces the nuisance of electrical wiring.
  2. Battery operated vacuum cleaners are the best – they can be recharged as per requirement thereby saving power.
  3. I recommend upright models as they do not put much strain to the back, thereby cleaning becomes comfortable.

Whether you choose to buy your vacuum cleaner locally or over the internet make sure you do a good research about the product-look for available discounts, good pricing and customer services provided by the brand.


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