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Simple Steps for Maintaining The Beauty of Hardwood Floors at Home

Beautiful Wood Floor

So you live in a home filled with hardwood floors that are suppose to stand the test of time, but despite this your floors are lacking shine, have noticeable scratches, and are not as slick as they were at installment. Do not worry. This happens to all wood paneled flooring, but it can be maintained with simple steps to ensure its beauty. Following these steps and paying attention to your hardwood will guarantee that their beauty will be restored.

Today cleaning your floor has never been so easy. Home improvement stores have entire sections dedicated to cleaning wood floors. The process can be as simple as using a broom and dustpan to complex solutions such as specific restoring, waxing and buffering products. I myself have struggled with the quality of the floors in my home. After researching and going through a plethora of tips over the years, I have formulated my top ways to maintain the beauty of hardwood flooring.



  1. You should place rugs in rooms with close access to water like a kitchen to prevent water damage.
  2. Be careful of what shoes you wear indoors – cleats, spiked shoes and stilettos can cause damage over time.
  3. Dragging anything across your floor can cause scratches, so carry everything across wood floors.
  4. Furniture should have pads under it to protect the flooring.
  5. Pets should be kept off the hardwood as much as possible; scratching can add to the wear and tear of the floors.


  1. Simple weekly cleaning should include sweeping with a broom and dustpan.
  2. Be weary of using water to clean wood floors; excess water can ruin the finish.
  3. Never use soaps on a hardwood surface; the oils can be damaging.
  4. My personal favorite hardwood floor cleaner is Pledge FloorCare Wood Spray. It does a good job removing scruff and has a very pleasant scent- highly recommend.
  5. I suggest having your floors waxed or buffed once every five years.


When you don’t wanna bring out the big bucks to have your floors refinished, there are many products on the market that claim to restore the quality of your hardwood. These products claim to restore shine and bring a new finished look to the hardwood. I have tried plenty of these products, but my all time favorite is Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer. It is a shear miracle, because after applying Rejuvenate your floors look brand new. Scratches disappear and no streaks or lines are left behind by the product.

There are many ways to maintain the beauty of your hardwood. They can range from inexpensive cleaning products to expensive refinishing, but the steps taken as precautions are the most important in ensuring the long lasting quality of your floors. Proper hardwood cleaning is a way to make sure they last longer. And by restoring the look of your hardwood floors through products you are guaranteed to bring it back to their original beautiful state.


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