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Hoover WindTunnel UH30310 T-Series Pet Upright Vacuum Review

Pet Shedding

Just because you have pets that shed and make messes doesn’t mean you have to smell like you do. Finding a good vacuum for pet hair and smells is a tricky process. That was before the Hoover group created its T-series Wind Tunnel Pet vacuum.

Now, Hoover has made it possible to get your floors clean while not having the smells or sight’s that pets exist in your home. Thanks to this vacuum; you can remove pet hair along with the sites and smells.


  • Weighing only 15 pounds – light and easy to use with thorough cleaning power.
  • Clean-Drop Bags
  • Intuitive Power Controls
  • Fabulous Filtration
  • Headlight – Headlight
  • Five different positions for carpet and floor adjustments
  • 30 ft. Flexible Power Cord
  • No Scuff Clear Bumper –
  • Easy Belt Change System & Brush roll Access
  • 12 ft. Deluxe Stretch Hose


  1. This vacuum has various valuable features that make it the top notched upright that it is for pet owners.
  2. Its Wind Tunnel technology is what makes it possible to remove all the embedded dirt and pet hair all while minimizing debris blow-back onto your floor and scatter throughout your home.
  3. It has the title of being approved by the P.A.W.S. (Approved Wind Tunnel system). Not all vacuums are equipped to gain this title.
  4. The vacuum filter system is an activated HEPA Media carbon bagged filter. Filters such as these contain 99.9 percent of pollen, dust, and small debris.
  5. This filtering system makes it possible to absorb household odors down to 0.3 microns through its carbon filtering.
  6. With its one touch door release, access to the clean drop bag is fast and simple. With one touch, the bag releases a bag full of trash, hair and debris directly into the garbage. You will never have to handle the bag in order to change it out.
  7. The Off/On Brush roll has a single button that makes the transition to hard floors from carpet a one-step process.
  8. With the vacuum, you will receive a two-year warranty along with tools designed especially for cleaning thoroughly where your pets leave hair and messes. Tools such as a crevice tool, extension wand and a deluxe hose that stretches out to 12 feet.

The vacuum is designed with the pet owner in mind. Your pets home and inhabitants are the reasons the family of Hoover chose the technology they used in designing this model.

It has a 12-amp motor that delivers more power than you can imagine through its Wind Tunnel suction. Removing dirt and pet hair from your floors and carpets has never been easier.

Eliminates dirt and odors through the Activated Carbon, HEPA Media Bag filters that trap and absorbs pet and household odors.


Only comes with one, short extension wand. Reaching hard to reach areas such as baseboards and high places is impossible.

Suction relies heavily on the brush to do all the work. The brush roll does an excellent job; however, the machine doesn’t have the suction power to remove it fast enough in order to prevent clogging.

The hose looks small in diameter for great suction power. On hard floors, performance is poor. The lack of suction seems to be, once again, a huge problem.


The Hoover T-Series, one of the best Hoover upright vacuums ever made. The updated technology has made cleaning pet hair and debris a simple task.

With very few complaints, the Hoover company listened to their customers and enhanced their pet vacuum through this machine. If you are looking for an upright, bagged vacuum you cannot go wrong with this machine.


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