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Electrolux EL4104A For That Extra Clean Hardwood Floor

The Electrolux Green Canister vacuum is your best bet in achieving a fantastically clean hardwood floor. Coming in a sizable and compatible form, the green canister is a comfortable piece to work with. It is ultimately designed for speed with cleaning power of 12 amps. What’s more, it not only cleans the bare floors but works on low mound carpets as well, leaving you with a satisfactory smile.

Reasons to Choose The EL4104A

Who doesn’t want to work with a vacuum cleaner that offers proficiency and wide coverage? Yes, that’s basically what the green canister is all about.

Installed with a powerful HEPA filtration system, it works under a high suction power which allows it to collect every dirt particle on the floor. It is good to know that not only does it work with such power but the suction power can actually be controlled by the control system on the handle.

This particular brand has a 10 inch cleaning path with a combined reach of up to 34 feet. This not only allows for fast cleaning but easy cleaning since you don’t have to keep disconnecting the power source every now and then as you shift zones.

Other Notable Features

The bagged canister not only offers amazing cleaning but also ensures proper conservation of the environment. How exactly, one may ask?

  • Half of the black plastic used in manufacturing the vacuum is out of recycled materials. This may come as a surprise but indeed this is one piece that not only helps keep your environment clean but leads the way while at it. A high percentage of its packaging materials are also recycled.
  • It’s installed with a 3-in-1 combination tool housed in the canister. The unique cord wrap and automatic cord rewind system not only offers compact storage but ensures convenience while at work.
  • It comes with a powerful HEPA filtration system which is very washable after accomplishing its task.

Getting The Most Out of Your Machine

With its design, you will be at free will to choose what cleaning surface you want to deal with. For hardwood floors for example, the vacuum is able to offer optimum results by making use of the hard floor nozzle. This feature ensures you an easy time while dealing with the dirt stains on your hardwood floor.

The 3-in-1 combination tool incorporates a crevice function which will come in handy. Consider those tiny crevices on your hardwood floor for example, nothing will get them really sparkling than the Electrolux vacuum.

The 3-in-1 feature also houses a dusting brush that comes in handy when dusting shelves or frames. What’s more, it could offer a hand to those carvings on your wall, be they hard wood or soft wood.

Culminating on the 3-in-1 feature would be the upholstery tool that allows for a reduction in the suction power in the case of fabric cleaning like curtains.

With all these combined features, quality meets convenience and that’s very basic in ensuring that enviable comfy lifestyle. I’m totally convinced that this is one tool that will not disappoint you; if anything, you will be anxious to get your hands on it, every time cleaning the house comes into the picture.

What have others said about it?

Generally, it bears a few cons: considering most of its parts are made of recycled materials, it could get really flimsy if mishandled. Despite its ability to work on other surfaces aside from hardwood floors, most users complain of its cleaning when it comes to carpet cleaning.

It is worth pointing out that the cons with this particular Electrolux hardwood vacuum are too negligible to consider an alternative. With its good ranking at Amazon, it has for sure received a majority 5 star rating, from the reviews it has received thus far. Its working has proved quite helpful and satisfaction has proved to be its slogan. The Electrolux EL4101A is the ideal hardwood cleaning vacuum for you.


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