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Finding The Most Powerful Suction Vacuum Cleaners

Some of the most powerful vacuum cleaners are considered high up on the list of desired appliances. Contrary to what you might think, the total amount of power actually has does not depend on conditions such as watts, horsepower or amps.

Most Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

These items can assist you in learning more about vacuum cleaners electrical currents, but they will not indicate to you how powerful they are. Nevertheless, there are some things you can look into that can assist you in buying a powerful cleaning machine.

Tips to follow to ensure you get a cleaner with considerable power:

  • Examine the cleaning swath – This is the area that will probably suck up all the dirt. Thus the larger it is, the more powerful the vacuum will be. Go for an upright model since they contain the largest swath.
  • Find out exactly what you need – I would advise that you go for the machine that can deep clean your carpet. According to the user reports, an upright cleaner gives the best service of deep cleaning your carpet. It is then followed by the canister vacuums, which are excellent for hardwood floors.
  • Consider the type of surface to be cleaned – In general an upright vacuum is said to be more powerful while cleaning carpets, while the canister is considered more efficient for cleaning bare floors, this is based on the user reports. In other words, if you want your hardwood floors to look clean and remain un-damaged over time, you’ll need to find yourself a vacuum that’s been designed to handle hardwood floor surfaces. A good place to start is at Floor Companion.
  • Do a research about bag-less vs. bagged – You need to find out about the difference between the bag less ones and those using bags. While their power may be the same for a period of time, bag less ones lose power as the filter gets clogged or in case you forget to empty the bin in time. Thus the bag less ones requires more maintenance as compared to the ones using bags.
  • Choose one with HEPA filters – These ones are considered more powerful when it comes to eliminating smaller particles, debris and dust from your floors.

Whenever a manufacturer claims that their vacuums have no loss of suction, it does not necessarily mean anything. They are usually referring to the sealed suction. These are measured with the air intake totally closed and no airflow.

With no airflow, no dirt will move to the vacuum bag from the head. Thus airflow is considered an important property whenever there is a claim of no suction. Whether it is going to suck the most dirt from your floor or not, it is really a combination of airflow plus sucking power. Several manufacturers now make no loss of suction claims, but most of them lose airflow too.

Do you think vacuums that are capable of lifting bowling balls offer the greatest suction strength? Do you think they do the best job in cleaning your carpet or floor? You will automatically be wrong if you believe this. They never provide the most powerful suctions.

Types of Vacuums

  • Bag less
  • HEPA
  • Cordless
  • Commercial
  • Canister


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