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7 Simple Ways to Make a Wood Floor Look New

Hardwood floors provide your home with radiating beauty complementing your interior decor and providing exquisite quality flooring for your house. Having this distinct type of floor comes with necessities such as good maintenance and cleaning services. Consequently, your hardwood floor will be a reflection on the care you accord it.

New Looking Wood Floors

Simple Steps

Here are the 7 ways to make your wood floor look new:

  1. Ensure that your wood floor has finish applied on its surface to prevent wood decomposition. This can be done by applying oil, for instance tung or wax on the floor, an example is carnauba brand. Polyurethane may be used to seal pores on your wood floor and prevent retention of moisture by your floor (Jones, 2007).
  2. Make use of floor protective gear such as rugs. These will ensure that your wood floor is protected from surface abrasion attributed to furniture movements, children toys and adult walks. Alternatively, you may use runners only in areas of the wood floor that is subjected to regular human movement.
  3. Dust your wood floor regularly. This process can be taken to the next level by having the best vacuum for wood floors whilst washing in order to enhance removal of all water and fluid substances from the surface. This will ensure that the regular particles of dust and dirt do not form layers on top of your wood floor thus, maintaining its cleanliness.
  4. Stain removal on wood floor should be done through consulting services from professional cleaners. Similarly, you may decide to do it yourself by reading widely literary work about wood surface cleaning. This has the effect of ensuring you apply correct procedures and utilize recommended methods that will not harm your floor surfaces.
  5. During different climatic seasons such as winter, wood floors experience too much moisture on its surfaces. Additionally, your floor may undergo shrinking attributed to cold temperatures during this period. Utilize a humidifier which will have the effect of preventing the planks of wood that were used in making your wood floor from shrinking (Green, 2010). .
  6. Apply a new coat to the surface of your wood floor after long periods. This is because; recoating your wood floor with finish on its surface will replenish the old coat that has been in place. Moreover, the new surface will tend to have a shiny appearance when you carry out regular waxing.
  7. Damaged floor parts of your floor should be done professionally by skilled experts. Further, the repair should be one that uses carefully selected materials understood in detail by your skilled craftsman (Army, 1977). This will ensure an imperceptible match of old floor and newly repaired area.

Importantly, your wood floor should be one that is made from high quality material such as oak, maple, birch and pine. Alternatively, treated wood may be used but should have a barrier between it and the ground to ensure moisture is not absorbed from the bottom. This will maintain the luster of your wooden floor enabling it to maintain its quality by avoiding rotting.

In conclusion, regular cleaning through dusting and dry cleaning ensures your wood floor is clean. Additionally, special care should be applied through professional maintenance of damaged areas of your floor. Thus, the wood floor in your home will always look new.


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